Brutal winds the clock forward with a quick stop in ancient Rome all the way to the modern era: street gangs, thugs and law enforcement.


Within you’ll find Warbands, rules and backgrounds detailing the politically charged slums of New York’s Five Points, mob battles in the Italian renaissance, post-apocalyptic wasteland tribes after The Event, street violence in ancient Rome, turf-wars in the grimy alleys of the Victorian era, and even two-fisted masked vigilante action!


Using this book as a tool-box you’ll be able to come up with your own games and settings: pirate raids and boarding actions on the high seas, 1970’s cops and blaggers slugging it out on London streets, Spanish guerrillas fighting Napoleon’s troops or even Cornish smugglers skirmishing with the King’s Customs and Excise men.

Brutal - Tribal Supplement - Mana Press

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