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Going Native: Warpath is a Native American themed table top strategy war-game that explores the real life cultures of the Americas and the Pacific Islands. Instead of massive armies, Going Native: Warpath follows the realistic war party dynamic that was employed by the native peoples of the Americas and the Pacific. This would mean that the miniatures need for a battle would number around 50 per player, more or less depending on the size of the game you wish to play.


Going Native: Warpath is easy to learn and once you are familiar with the basic rules the game moves quickly. The average game can range from 30 to 40 minutes for smaller games and up to a hour or more for games using larger party sizes.


The Going Native: Warpath rule book contains:


- The core rule set


- 10 War Party List

  • Pacific Northwest Tribes
  • Inuit/Eskimo Tribes
  • Woodland Tribes
  • Plains Tribes
  • Aztec Triple Alliance
  • Mayan City States
  • Incan Empire
  • Tupi Tribes
  • Hawaiian Koa
  • Maori Taua

- 82 different mythical Spirit Beasts

Going Native: Warpath Rule Book (Digital)

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