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The Nagual Brujo (the Were-Jaguar) is a two model metal kit.


Origin – Were Jaguar – Olmec Mythology / Nagual Brujo - Mayan Mythology

Background – The Were Jaguar is one of the oldest mythical creatures in Mesoamerican. Although the Were Jaguar can be traced back to the Mesoamerican mother civilization, the Olmecs, there is evidence that suggests that they are much older. According to Olmec myth, Were Jaguars are the result of a sexual encounter of a Human Female and a Male Jaguar. The resulting child would be born with deformities, like almond shaped eyes, odd or down turned mouths, and/or cleft heads. These supernaturals, as some archaeologists are calling the Jaguar Children, might be depictions of common birth defects like cleft lip/pallet. The human form of the Were Jaguar was inspired by this myth.


The Nagual Brujo is a Mayan take on the Nagual. The Nagual is a Mesoamerican shape shifting shaman or druid. The Nagual is a Pre-Olmec shamanistic practice that still exists today. In Mayan areas, the Brujo is a violent Nagual that takes the form of a predatory animal like a Jaguar and attacks people, drinks blood, spread disease, and steals property. According to some Mayan legends, from pre-contact times to modern times, a Brujo could be compelled to attack invaders and trespassers into Mayan lands.

Nagual Brujo, the Were-Jaguar

SKU: GN-SB31011
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