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This is a single model kit.


Origin – Fictional, Based off old Photos of Tlingit peoples

Background – Wasco is an Adventurer that travels the coast of the Pacific Coast. She was hired by the headman of a Haida Village to kill an Akhlut that was plaguing them. She found the beast in a nearby cove. After an epic battle, Wasco was able to kill the ill-tempered monster. The Akhlut was known to attack people, but this one seemed to be defending something as opposed to attacking her. When she investigated, she discovered what she was defending, a small Akhlut cub maybe only a couple of weeks old. She could not bring herself to kill the cub or leave it to die as it was way too young to survive on its own. She adopted the cub and started to form a close relationship with the young monster. Now everywhere Wasco goes the cub follows.

Wasco, the Sea Wolf

SKU: GN-PNW11007
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