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Your Home for 28mm Scale Native American and Polynesian Miniatures

We are Open and Active

We have gotten several emails about rather or not we are still open.  I want to let everyone know that we are open and active. We have not been able to put anything new up on the site, because life in general has hit us pretty hard in the last year. My son's cancer treatment and my car needing some very expensive repairs has drained my extra funds that we were using to run Paymaster Games. The car has been repaired and the boy is better now. We are working on several projects that we will be adding to Paymaster Games once they are ready to present to everyone. If you want to help with the expenses from my son's cancer treatments please place an order or visit me at one of the trade show we will exhibit at. Thank to you to all of my new and old customers for all of your help during this rough time. 


Seattle, Wa

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